Internships, sometimes referred to as mini-pupillages, are a long-recognised introduction for those interested in a career at the Bar. 

During the one-week attachment, interns will follow a supervising barrister to court hearings and gain exposure to certain aspects of a barrister’s work, which is not experienced during academic studies. Interns will also, subject to the wishes and permission of lay clients’ and solicitors, be permitted to attend conferences.   

Chambers prefers interns who have completed their second-year law course, or those studying the juris doctorate, Common Professional Examination, or similar conversion scheme. This is because the knowledge gained at this stage allows interns to benefit more from the experience with Pegasus Chambers at the criminal Bar.

Attending an internship is not a prerequisite for applying for pupillage, but is encouraged.

Note: Please make sure that all application forms are submitted two months prior to your preferred weeks of internship.

Applications are to be made on the prescribed form and emailed to

All interns shall be selected having regard to our core values of diversity and equality.

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