Mentorship Scheme

I was called to the bar in August 2021.  After joining Pegasus Chambers, I was placed on their mentorship scheme, where I was supervised by Mr. David Boyton and Ms. Elizabeth Herbert. Their guidance and support have been immensely beneficial and their invaluable advice has enabled me to better develop my criminal practice.

Shortly after joining the scheme, I was given numerous opportunities to handle cases in the magistrate’s courts. In November 2021, I joined the Criminal Legal Aid Panel and was specifically assigned a 30-day “Conspiracy to Murder” trial starting in January 2021, where I will be led by Mr. David Boyton. In respect of civil matters, I will also be led by Ms. Elizabeth Herbert in a disability discrimination case in March 2022.

The main difference between pupillage and the mentorship scheme was that in respect of the latter, I was provided with many opportunities to appear in court as a sole advocate. Gaining court and trial experience are vital for a successful bar practice. Through the mentorship scheme, I was able to strengthen my advocacy skills and knowledge of court proceedings.

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